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IRISH STERING SILVER, Irish jewelry, Celtic jewelry, Celtic Brooch, Irish Horse, reading glasses, Irish horse, eyeglass holder, horse lover

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In the Celtic world horses were of the highest value. They represented princely power and were proper gifts for royalty. The original Celtic Iberian horse brooch is pin housed in the Archaeological Museum of Madrid. By replacing it's missing pin with a thin curved bar now it can be used to hold reading glasses in an elegant manner. Hook the glasses through the loop and they'll always be at hand.Horse brooch replica, wonderful gift for horse lovers and their friends.This very unusual replica of a fibula style brooch is from the La Tene period around 600 BC. The circles inscribed on the surface represent the sun who brings the gift of constancy. The rider sits erect and you'll notice something a bit odd hanging from the horse's bridal which seems to confirm the existence of the Celtic cult of the headI designed a unique history box for this piece filled with information. Hope you like it. Box and jewelry made in Manhattan, artist signed.Size 2" x 2"Hand cast solid sterling silver, white brass, yellow brass Boxed with history, made in Manhattan, artist signedRead more about the Celtc-Iberians herehttp://www.wikiwand.com/en/Celtiberians

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